Marvel Education

A Classroom Management Guide for New Educators and Anyone Serious About Teaching in Urban High Schools

Create authentic connections with your students while giving them the education they need with this essential manual for facilitating meaningful learning!

Do you struggle with classroom order because of disruptive students?

Do you need help getting your students to pay attention or listen to you?

Have you exhausted all your means to reach every student, employing all the pedagogical methods you know, and yet there remain a few who don't respond?

You're not alone. Teachers have always encountered unruly, rebellious teens in class, interrupting lessons' flow and making their job much more challenging.

This can make you question your educator capabilities and whether you're meant to be in this profession.

But it's important to remember that you are struggling not because you are inadequate and incompetent but because you are using ineffective techniques.

Professor Cruz Fernández, drawing from 20 years of teaching experience and extensive research, has developed his own approach to engaging students called Marvel Education.

This alternative method combines philosophical concepts, educational ideas, and out-of-the-box thinking to redefine teaching.

It does not only help you

manage classroom disruptions, but is also a tool for transforming your students into curious and responsible individuals.

To know more about the concept of Marvel Education and its application, read inside this must-have guidebook, where you will discover:

How to make your students feel seen, loved, and appreciated – and how this can transform how they respond in class

Why your students are not listening to you – students don't just misbehave "just because."

The role and limitations of motivation – why motivation sometimes works and why it is simply not enough for sustained learning

● How to give your lessons meaning to draw your students in and help them relate better to what they're learning

What awe moments are and how to use the student's yearning to marvel at things – pique their curiosity, and you have their undivided attention

● The profound effects myths can have on the student – myths are more than just gods and goddesses; they have a more powerful, psychological role to play

How to use the Socratic dialogue in teaching – a simple question can become a significant catalyst!

And much more…

As they say, there are a thousand ways to use a knife. If one method isn't working, don't keep doing it.

It's time you try another effective method to help students see themselves and the world from a different, much better perspective.

Discover how you can make any student really listen to you. Choose the version of your choice below:

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