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Who is Dr. Emir Cruz Fernández?

Professor Cruz-Fernández is a distinguished philologist renowned for his expertise in Spanish Literature of the Golden Age. With a profound passion for the subject, he has dedicated his scholarly pursuits to exploring the rich literary tapestry of this remarkable era. Within the vast expanse of Spanish Literature, he has delved into a specialized field of study outside the traditional literary canon known as Aljamiado-Morisco Literature. This niche is led by renowned moriscologists such as L.P. Harvey, Luce López-Baralt, and Vincent Barletta. Professor Cruz-Fernández specializes in analyzing Aljamiado-Moriscos texts from the 16th and 17th centuries that revolve around the life of Prophet Muhammad.

His extensive research in this field has captivated scholars and enthusiasts alike. Aljamiado-Morisco Literature, an enchanting fusion of texts written in Spanish with Arabic characters by crypto-Muslims, flourished during the 16th and 17th centuries, exemplifying the intricate cultural and linguistic dynamics of that era. Through his profound knowledge and comprehensive study of this literary genre, he contributes to illuminating the Iberian Peninsula's complex socio-cultural and religious interplay.


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