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As a testament to his academic prowess and commitment to his chosen field of study, his doctoral dissertation bears the title "Mahoma en dos textos aljamiado del siglo XVI: La filosofía Perenne y el Monomito de los moriscos," which translates to "Mohammed in two XVI Century Aljamiado Texts: The Perennial Philosophy and the Monomyth of the Moors" in English. This dissertation showcases his meticulous research and unravels the significance of Muhammad's presence in two crucial Aljamiado texts from the 16th century. Through Professor Fernández's comprehensive analysis, he illuminates the timeless philosophy and the archetypal narrative patterns that shaped the cultural and literary fabric of the moriscos.

His groundbreaking work contributes to the ongoing exploration of Aljamiado-Morisco Literature, shedding light on the intricate interplay between Spanish and Arabic influences during a crucial period in Spanish history. By delving deep into the linguistic, cultural, and historical contexts surrounding these texts, he unveils the moriscos' enduring themes and collective imagination, providing valuable insights into their worldview and literary expressions.

Dr. Cruz-Fernández actively engages in research, publication, and academic discourse. His scholarly contributions propel the field forward, enriching our understanding of the complexities and nuances of Spanish Literature of the Golden Age, particularly within Aljamiado-Morisco Literature. Through his comprehensive studies, he ensures these captivating literary works retain their rightful place in the academic canon, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural exchange and linguistic diversity that characterizes this fascinating period of Spanish literary history.

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